Grant Funding and Research Projects


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenge Explorations Round 9: Lab on Mobile Device for detecting seed-borne pathogens.

University Innovative Seed Grant: Optogenetic control over neuronal excitability and behavior 2012-2013

NIH NIDA R-01: “Plasticity in the prefrontal/hippocampal pathway after high cocaine intake.” 2008-2013


NIH NIDA R-01 “Plasticity in the prefrontal/hippocampal pathway after high cocaine intake.” Supplement to support summer (2010) high school student

NIH NIDA R-03: “Pathway specific MDMA-induced plasticity of intrinsic excitability in the hippocampal prefrontal cortical pathway” 2008-2011

NIH NIMH R-21 “Circadian Regulation of Dopaminergic Activity and Restless Legs Syndrome” (Co-Investigator with Dr. Colleen McClung) 2008-2010

NIH NIDA R-21 “Function of the CHRNA5 D398N SNP: implications for addiction and lung cancer” (Co-Investigator with Dr. Jerry Stitzel) 2010-2012

NIH NIDA Career Award 5-K-01DA017750-04 “DNA microarray analysis of neuronal excitability” 2005-2011


NARSAD Young Investigator Award from National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, “Molecular mechanisms controlling neuronal excitability in the hippocampal/prefrontal cortical pathway: The role of TRPC channels in Schizophrenia. 2006-2008

NIH NIDA NRSA F31 Fellowship (Melissa Fowler: DA214932) “TRPC Channels in dopamine modulation of frontal cortical excitability” 2006-2009

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